The 10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2024

The 10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2024

Robert Reeve.


Whether it’s boosting your organic search visibility or collecting data for targeted email marketing campaigns, a great quiz can do wonders for your website. In this guide, we’re going to reveal ten WordPress quiz plugins you need to know about.

The 10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2024.

Quizzes have long been an integral way for web designers to engage their audiences. From quick polls to buzzfeed-esque personality tests, there’s a quiz type for every creative looking to get their website noticed online.

There are dozens of WordPress quiz plugins available to you as a web designer. In this guide, we’ve picked out ten of the best. But before we get into all of that, let’s elaborate on how a quiz can benefit your website.

Why are quizzes important for websites?

As designers, we often consider quizzes, surveys, and polls as afterthoughts. But what if we told you WordPress quizzes should be an essential part of your web design repertoire?

To explain why this is the case, here are five great reasons you should consider incorporating a quiz, poll, or survey into your website.

  • Reduced your bounce rate: Interactive quizzes reduce bounce rate by keeping users on your website for longer. This makes it more likely they’ll see the other elements you’re promoting, such as products or adverts.

  • Improve your website’s SERP ranking: Quizzes allow you to collect valuable information about your consumer’s expectations and preferences. Knowing this data will enable you to tailor your future content to meet the needs of your audience, helping you improve your site’s ranking and boost your SEO efforts.

With the basics out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff. Here are the ten WordPress quiz plugins that we like the best.

The 10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

We’ve included a comprehensive guide to our ten favorite WordPress quiz plugins below. But if you’re short on time, here are some quick links to each of our recommendations.

  1. Quiz and Survey Master – The Best Free Quiz Plugin

  2. Formidable Forms – The Best Advanced Quiz Builder

  3. ARI Stream Quiz – The Best for Lead Generation

  4. Thrive Quiz Builder – The Best for Professional Quizzes

  5. Memberpress – The Best for Paid Course Creation

  6. Quiz Cat – The Best for Total Beginners

  7. Modal Survey – The Best for Reporting and Analytics

  8. WordPress Viral Quiz – The Best for Viral Quizzes

  9. Poll, Survey & Quiz – The Best for Efficient Quiz Making

  10. Riddle – The Best for Converting Customers

1) Quiz and Survey Master – The Best Free Quiz Plugin 


Key Stats:

Quiz and Survey Master is a simple, effective tool for creating a wide range of online quizzes. It offers several features ideally suited to both first-time quiz makers and highly skilled developers and designers.

The plugin’s 15 premade questions make it easy for everyone of all levels of expertise to make simple, functional quizzes. Simply choose the question types you’d like, fill in the details, and your new quiz will be ready to launch.

QSM Dashboard

For skilled designers, the plugin provides a number of advanced features to allow for extra customization.

For example, developers can experiment with leaderboards, certificates, custom messages, and scheduling to personalize their designs further. Note that many of these features require a basic understanding of CSS.

While the $129 paid version of this plugin offers a range of great features, such as new themes, landing pages, and an analytics add-on, the free version will more than suffice for simple designs.

If you’re just getting started with quiz-making and don’t want the steep learning curve, we recommend giving this one a go.


  • Fifteen premade modules make it easy to create quizzes with little to no experience.

  • Lots of opportunities for advanced customization.

  • Plenty of integrations for easy exporting and sharing.

  • With premium, you can even export results to MailChimp for easy analysis.

  • Straightforward and easy to use.

  • Doesn’t come with the limitations that many other plugins have. For example, you can include videos, images, and other interactive elements within your quiz.


  • $129 for premium features is rather steep, especially for a quiz plugin.

  • Some users report that the plugin doesn’t play nicely with specific WordPress themes.

2) Formidable Forms – The Best Advanced Quiz Builder

Formidable forms

Key Stats:

When it comes to holistic data collection and advanced quiz-making, you’re going to struggle to find a better option than Formidable Forms.

This is one of the most comprehensive quiz builders on the market. It offers dozens of amazing features, such as custom form creation, conditional logic, and robust data analysis features.

While you may think this makes the plugin inaccessible to the beginner quiz maker, Formidable Forms does an excellent job of making complex features accessible to everyday users. The plugin’s simple drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy for inexperienced users to create complex quizzes quickly.

Where Formidable Forms excels is in the vast amount of customization options it offers. You’ll have the opportunity to create almost every quiz you can dream of, from school assessments and trivia quizzes to personality tests and complex forms with branching logic.


As you’d expect, there are dozens of different ways to personalize the end result of your quiz. You can create grading scales, design personalized certificates, and send out custom messages upon quiz completion.

Formidable Forms also integrates seamlessly with dozens of different tools, such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, AWeber, Constant Contact, and many more.

While you’ll need to fork out $79 for the Basic version to unlock the plugin’s main functionalities, we think this one is worth every penny for those looking to create advanced quizzes without advanced knowledge of code.


  • Dozens of advanced customization features.

  • One of the best plugins for creating complex quizzes with branching logic.

  • Surprisingly easy to use considering the complexity of the plugin.

  • A wide range of integrations.

  • Beautiful, functional pre-made templates.

  • A huge number of question types,


  • Still has a learning curve. May not be ideal for complete beginners who have no experience in web development.

  • The free version is really limited.

3) ARI Stream Quiz – The Best Quiz Plugin for Lead Generation 

Ari stream

Key Stats:

Like many of the other outstanding quiz plugins on this list, ARI Stream Quiz does the basics exceptionally well. The plugin’s UI is simple, easy to understand, and user-friendly, making it hassle-free to create serviceable quizzes in a short space of time.

Where ARI Stream Quiz sets itself apart is in its lead generation utilities. The plugin allows developers to seamlessly collect user names, email addresses, and other critical information by requesting data before results are revealed.

Following this, developers can integrate their gathered information with MailerLite, Mailchimp, or a range of other marketing solutions, making it easy to set up targeted email marketing campaigns.


As an added bonus, the plugin will also allow you to create unlimited quizzes with a range of different pre-built themes. You can even opt to randomize and shuffle questions to make each user’s quizzing experience totally unique.

A reasonable one-time payment of $17 unlocks this plugin’s premium package. Users who spend the extra cash will gain access to more quiz types, a range of sharing options, and multi-page support.

Note that the $17 ‘personal’ package limits the buyer to one website. To use the plugin’s premium features across unlimited sites, users will need to purchase the $25 ‘developer’ package instead.


  • User-friendly API makes it easy to build functional quizzes.

  • Utilises AJAX for faster performance.

  • Easy integration with Mailchimp and more solutions makes for easy targeted email marketing campaigns.

  • Several themes and customization options, even for free users.

  • A reasonable one-time fee of $17 gives access to the site’s premium features.


  • Several key quiz variations are locked behind the plugin’s paywall.

  • Users need a basic understanding of CSS for more advanced customization options.

  • Reports on quiz results are locked behind the premium version.

4) Thrive Quiz Builder – The Best Quiz Plugin for Professional Quizzes

Thrive Quiz Builders

Key Stats:

  • Downloads – 20,000+

  • Price – $99/year

If you’re looking for a feature-heavy, intelligent quiz plugin to make quizzes that look amazing and function flawlessly, Thrive Quiz Builder may be the choice for you.

The Thrive Quiz Builder plugin offers a number of intuitive features to allow for complex quiz creation. Overview quiz navigation and quiz flow features make it easy to create multi-faceted quizzes with branching logic.

As this is a paid plugin, it comes with many desirable features already built in. Quiz creators can view comprehensive statistics for everyone who takes part in their quizzes, including the questions they answered, how long they spent on the quiz, and whether they’ve shared their results on social media.

Thrive Quiz Builder also offers a range of customization options, including custom badges, themes, and leaderboards. For lovers of responsiveness, the plugin will even resize badges automatically to fit different platforms. Score!

Aside from this, the plugin also offers an A/B testing feature. This makes it easy to experiment with different questions and result pages to figure out which format is converting the most users.

Thrive Quiz

While Thrive Quiz Builder certainly isn’t the cheapest option (coming in at $99 per year), it may just be the most complete quiz plugin available today. If you’re looking to get serious about incorporating quizzes into your website, this plugin won’t leave you disappointed.


  • Create professional-looking quizzes with branching logic in a short space of time.

  • Users can link the quiz builder to dozens of different tools, such as Slack, Elementor, Amelia, and SureCart.

  • A/B testing feature allows users to experiment with different quizzes and results pages.

  • Setup Wizard notifies users about configuration issues and coding errors.

  • Send users to different results pages based on their answers in the quiz.

  • User-friendly UI makes it easy to get started.


5) Memberpress – The Best Quiz Plugin for Paid Course Creation


Average WordPress Rating – 4.8 Stars

Pricing – $179.50-$499.50 per year

MemberPress isn’t traditionally known as a ‘quiz-making tool’. In fact, it’s branded as a membership tool, allowing users to set up subscriptions to sell their digital products.

But fear not. MemberPress also offers all of the quiz-making functionalities you need to make exceptional premium quizzes and courses to deliver to customers. A user-friendly drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create any quiz variation you set your mind to. The range of question types, from essay answers to dropdown menus, means you can get started even if you have virtually no experience with coding.


The payment functionalities of MemberPress are its unique selling point. You can choose to limit specific quizzes to premium members, such as those who’ve paid for your course, whether that be through a one-time payment or a recurring subscription.

Once a user completes a segment, or all, of your course, you’ll have the option to provide them with custom, branded certificates as a reward. You’ll also gain rich insights into the usability, popularity and success rate of your quizzes, allowing you to improve and tailor further assessments to match your students’ preferences.

MemberPress is a premium plugin, and it doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to spend at least $179.50 for the most basic plan. For that reason, this plugin is only suited to those who are really serious about creating quizzes to bring in revenue.

While MemberPress is still a valid option if you’re looking to create quizzes purely for user engagement, it truly excels as a course-creation tool. Give this one a go if you’re finally ready to make that web design training program you’ve been dreaming up in 2023.


  • Comprehensive LMS creation tools make creating premium courses a breeze.

  • Users can lock courses behind a one-time or subscription paywall.

  • User-friendly UI allows for easy course creation regardless of expertise.

  • Create customizable coupons to keep customers coming back.

  • Set up timed content releases and content access expiration.


  • Heavily tailored to course creation and revenue generation, meaning it isn’t the best plugin if you’re looking to create fast, free quizzes.

  • A $179.50 minimum price tag means MemberPress is only beneficial for those looking to monetize their quizzes and courses.

6) Quiz Cat – The Best Quiz Plugin for Total Beginners 

Quiz Cat

Key Stats:

Quiz Cat is the king of simplicity when it comes to designing quizzes. Its easy-to-use interface and range of question options make it an efficient choice if you’re looking to create basic, viral quizzes for your site.

While Quiz Cat is known for being beginner-friendly, it still comes with a selection of offerings for customization. The plugin allows you to add images and create custom completion messages to inject a dose of personality into your creations.

Quiz Cat

One of the more unique features of Quiz Cat is its ability to translate text strings and quizzes into any language. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking to release your quizzes worldwide.

Most of the plugin’s functionalities are free, but you’ll need to make a one-time $69 purchase to unlock extra quiz types and social sharing functions. To access insights and analytics, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Business’ plan, which currently sits at $99.

While Quiz Cat certainly won’t win any medals for complexity or customization, it’s an excellent choice for designers looking to create simple, functional quizzes quickly. We recommend giving the free version a go if you’re looking to get started in a short space of time.


  • A clean, user-friendly interface makes this a great plugin for inexperienced quiz makers.

  • Translate quizzes to any language worldwide.

  • Shuffle questions randomly to make quizzes more unique.

  • Add quizzes to posts with the WordPress post editor using Quiz Cat Gutenberg blocks.


  • Translating your quizzes to other languages requires a basic understanding of filters.

  • Lacks the complexity and customization options that many other premium plugins offer.

  • Requires a one-time fee to unlock new quiz types, social sharing, and analytics.

7) Modal Survey – The Best Quiz Plugin for Reporting and Analytics

Modal survey

Key Stats:

Modal Survey is the ideal quiz plugin for those looking to utilize consumer data to its fullest potential. The tool offers a range of features to help quiz makers collect and visualize valuable insights from quiz results, such as powerful graphs and tables.

Of course, Modal Survey doesn’t skimp on quiz-making features. The plugin offers a range of advanced customization options, such as font styles, colors, and images.

We love the ability to create questions with open responses and multiple correct answers. You can also add progress bars and personalize whether your quiz appears on a page or as a popup.

While Modal Survey offers nothing groundbreaking in terms of engaging quiz creation, it comes into its own as an analytical tool. The plugin offers rich data insights, allowing developers to interpret and analyze quiz results with ease.

Modal Survey

Once you have the data you want, you can then integrate it with Mailchimp or Benchmark to set up targeted email marketing campaigns. You can also export quiz results to a range of file formats, including .xls, .json, and .pdf.

It’s important to note that Modal Survey is an advanced plugin with a wide range of complex features. It lacks the simplistic interface and drag-and-drop functionalities many of the other plugins in this article offer. As such, it has a steep learning curve and may not be beginner-friendly.


  • Powerful analytical features

  • Easy data visualization with graphs and charts.

  • Advanced customization options for complex quizzes.

  • A handy export function to a range of popular file formats

  • Dozens of intuitive templates for a wide range of applications.


8) WordPress Viral Quiz – The Best Quiz Plugin for Viral Quizzes

WP Viral Quiz

Key Stats:

WordPress Viral Quiz is a plugin specifically designed for those who want to make their quizzes go viral. The clue is in the name with this one.

This plugin hones in on the two most common viral quiz types—personality tests and trivia exams—to help quizzes gain traction online.

While WordPress Viral Quiz is quite one-dimensional in its personalization options, it does offer some additional features, such as analytics, easy exporting, and lead generation. You can also easily send the data you gather to Mailchimp and other marketing platforms.

Note that this plugin lacks the depth many of the more comprehensive tools on this list possess. In addition, you’ll need some level of CSS and HTML understanding if you want to make any adjustments to your quiz designs.

WordPress Viral Quiz isn’t free. Users will need to make a one-time payment of $36, after which they’ll gain access to the plugin forever.

WordPress Viral Quiz doesn’t promise anything revolutionary, but it does offer a tried-and-tested format to help your quiz get noticed online. If going viral is your primary goal, give this plugin a go.


  • Create personality and trivia quizzes designed to go viral on social media.

  • Option to make users share a quiz on social media if they want to see their results.

  • Easy analytics allows you to see if your quiz is performing well.

  • Easy to insert ads into your quiz.


  • Many consumers find forced sharing and browser refreshing to be frustrating.

  • A lack of support for some key email marketing platforms.

  • Limited to ‘viral’ quiz types, such as personality quizzes. Not the best for professional quiz designs.

9) Poll, Survey & Quiz – The Best Plugin for Efficient Quiz Making

Opinion Stage

Key Stats:

Poll, Survey & Quiz by OpinionStage has all of the standard features you’d expect from a serviceable quiz plugin, such as multiple question types, an easy-to-use dashboard, and social sharing capabilities.

Once you link your WordPress site to OpinionStage, you can build your quizzes in the plugin’s intuitive dashboard. You can then import your creation into blog posts, landing pages, or sidebars. OpinionStage will provide key information regarding quiz views and the leads you’re generating. You can view all of this data directly in your dashboard.

Opinion Stage

As you’ll design all of your quizzes on OpinionStage first, Poll, Survey & Quiz is excellent for anyone that wants to create the same quiz for multiple websites. All you need to do is build your quiz once on OpinionStage’s platform. You can then import your new creation to all of your sites at once using the WordPress plugin. It’s fast, easy, and convenient.

Of course, Poll, Survey & Quiz also offers a range of complex features, such as branching logic, marketing platform integrations, and CSV exporting.

OpinionStage’s website is free to use, but this limits your quizzes to 25 responses per month. You’ll need to purchase the $25/month starter package to unlock 1,000 monthly answers.


  • All-in-one OpinionStage dashboard allows you to keep all of your quizzes in one place.

  • Excellent if you’re looking to distribute one quiz across multiple sites.

  • Great for lead generation and social sharing.

  • Integrates with MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier and other leading marketing platforms.


  • Paying $25 per month is almost a requirement if you want your quiz to reach a substantial amount of people, making Poll, Survey & Quiz one of the most expensive options on this list.

10) Riddle – The Best Quiz Plugin for Converting Customers


Key Stats:

Riddle is an excellent all-round plugin ideal for making engaging quizzes. It’s easy-to-learn, intuitive, and jam-packed features. That said, we think this tool is best suited for converting customers.

Why is riddle so great for conversions? It all comes down to interactivity. The plugin offers a number of features designed to keep users engaged on your website.

For example, you can set up personalized marketing messages based on results, host contests, and advertise giveaways to promote your products. You can even display sponsored content on your quizzes to generate a little extra buzz.

Riddle is an expensive plugin, coming in at $59 per month. That said, if you’re serious about driving engagement and promoting your website, the plugin may be worth the investment.


  • Offers a wide variety of features tailored to user engagement.

  • Qualify and segment customers based on quiz results.

  • Automatically send out personalized follow-ups to close more sales.

  • User-friendly and responsive UI—no coding required.

  • 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Syncs with marketing software like MailChimp, AWeber and SalesForce.


Which WordPress Quiz Plugin is Best for Me?

Choosing the perfect quiz plugin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The key is to understand what you’re hoping to get out of your quiz creations.

If you’re just getting started and looking to boost user engagement on your website, try out Quiz and Survey Master or Quiz Cat. Both of these tools are beginner-friendly and offer a wide range of features to get you started.

If analytics is your primary goal, there are few better plugins than Modal Survey. Or, if you want to turn your quiz results into a targeted email marketing scheme, try out ARI Stream Quiz.

Formidable Forms and Thrive Quiz Builder are both great premium options if you need all of the tools to create outstanding professional quizzes. Alternatively, if selling your content is the main goal, we can’t recommend MemberPress enough.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best WordPress Quiz Plugins. Our list has given you a lot to choose from, and we hope you have a better idea of what each unique plugin can offer.

But now, we’d love to hear from you. Have you tested any of these plugins? Do you have a favorite? Is there a quiz plugin we missed? Tweet at us and let us know.

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